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Public Ice

There will be no Public Skating or Hockey Friday, April 27th.

Public Skating | 11:20am - 12:20p
Monday through Friday
($5 Adult, $3 Children under 10)
*No Figure Skating, Jumping or Pucks

Public Hockey | 12:30pm - 1:30p
Monday through Friday
($5 Adult - Must be 14 yrs old)

Please check here prior to heading to the rink for any changes or cancellations.

Learn To Skate

Learn To Skate

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Employment Opportunities

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Walpole Women's Tournament

Event Rules

  1. All players must be at least 21 years old by the start of the tournament.
  2. All rostered players must sign-in before their games. Any player participating in the championship game must have signed-in for at least two round robin games.
  3. Random ID checks will happen at round robin game sign-ins. ID's will be checked for all championship games.
  4. Teams registrations:
    1. Teams registered in their respective league’s A or B level, cannot register a team.
    2. Teams registered in their respective league’s C level, cannot register below C level.
  5. Any team that has registered in a level below their team level, deemed by the tournament committee, will be allowed to continue playing their remaining tournament games but will forfeit their games 1-0 and will be ineligible to play in the playoffs.
  6. Rostered players:
    1. Players rostered on an A level team in their respective league, cannot play.
    2. Players rostered on a B level team in their respective league, cannot play on a team below C level.
    3. Any players with divisional play experience within the last 10 years, cannot play on a team below C level.
  7. Any team using unrostered players or illegal players will forfeit all games completed 1-0. Such players will be ineligible to play in any remaining tournament games.
  8. A player will only be allowed to play for one team in the tournament. They may not roster as alternates for other teams. The only exception is with respect to goaltenders.
  9. Three game guarantee. All games will be (3) 12-minute stop time periods.
  10. Slap shots are allowed.
  11. Each team will have a one (1) minute time-out in the playoffs. No time-outs are allowed during round robin play.
  12. The visiting team, as designated on the schedule, will be responsible for changing jerseys should the colors conflict with the home team jerseys.
  13. Standings shall be determined as follows:
    a) Two (2) points for a win
    b) One (1) point for a tie
    c) Zero (0) points for a loss
  14. Top two teams in each division will play in the Championship game on Sunday.
  15. If following the round robin play two or more teams have an equal number of points, their positions in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking formulas, in this order:
    a) Head-to-head
    b) Goals against
    c) Fewer penalty minutes
    d) Coin toss
  16. Forfeits will be scored as a 1-0 victory for the non-forfeiting team.
  17. Any player who is assessed four (4) penalties in one game shall be ejected from the game. A double minor will be considered two (2) penalties. Fighting is prohibited and will result in an ejection from the tournament.
  18. Round robin games ending in a tie, will remain a tie.
  19. Playoff games ending in a tie will have a 5 minute sudden death period, 5-on-5. If a tie remains after the sudden death period expires, a shootout shall be held to break the tie. Each team will select 5 shooters. A coin toss will determine which team shoots first. Teams will alternate shooters. If after all five shooters from both teams have taken their shots and a tie still remains, a one to one shootout will follow until tie is broken. New shooters will be selected for this and the original shooters will not be eligible to shoot again until the entire team (not including goalies) has had 1 shot.
  20. Teams are requested to be ready to start their tournament game 15 minutes before their designated start times.
  21. Referee decisions are final. There will be no protests.
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